Elias Poolman

BSc Communication and Multimedia Design '22

#opentowork #amsterdam


Final Cut Pro X

Examples on request


Nikon D3200 • iPhone 11 Pro

Examples on request

My professional values

Eye for detail

My eye for detail shines across all aspects of my work, particularly in design and development, where user-centric experiences are my priority. With a focus on mobile-first design, I create visually appealing and optimized websites for diverse screen sizes. I ensure seamless functionality and aesthetics through responsive designs, while my pixel-perfect mindset refines layouts to perfection. This approach, combined with a user-friendly philosophy, guarantees each website I craft delivers an intuitive and delightful user experience.

Constant improvement

Dedicated to continuous improvement in my developed websites, I proactively stay updated on evolving trends, tech, and web best practices. Beyond launch, I refine and enhance websites, conducting audits, analyzing interactions, and gathering feedback to optimize usability and streamline navigation. By regularly implementing updates and refinements, I ensure my websites stay cutting-edge, efficient, and aligned with evolving user and stakeholder needs.


I highly value transparent communication with clients and end-users. By actively listening to clients' visions and engaging with end-users, I tailor designs that align with aspirations and resonate effectively. This collaborative approach ensures websites meet technical requirements while exceeding user expectations.